We all know very well that carpets are made of woolen material, which attracts a lot of dust and dirt. Moreover, if there are children or pets in the house, then the cleaning is mandatory more frequently.

The accumulation of pet fur, stains, dust, and food on the carpet gives an impression of poor hygiene to the guests. Regular vacuuming of carpet from the professionals keeps the shining of carpet as it is even after a long time. Now, coming to the services involved in carpet cleaning

Vacuuming: It is just the suctioning of dust from the woolen cloth so as to make it rugged for applying other methods. This process is also called the dry cleaning method. Different and special kinds of powders are used for attracting the dirt from carpet in dry cleaning.

Shampooing: It is another method of cleaning carpet. In this, a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet through a machine, which is later on removed through vacuuming. Actually, the solution is prepared with cleaning agents, which help in removing the dust, and stains from the woolen fibers. It also contains deodorizers to boost the fragrance of carpet. Though this method is not as effective as others and cleaning service agents also doesn’t guarantee you of proper removal of microbes and dirt from the carpet.

Steam cleaning: This process involves hot water extraction. It is considered as the best carpet cleaning method. In this process, the solution of hot water and detergent is injected into the carpet with the help of heavy-duty equipment. The solution, when mixed with the dirt, binds the dirt with itself, which is then extracted through the high-pressure motors. For the steam cleaning process, the moisture from the carpet must be removed before applying any cleaning agent otherwise mold may develop in that area which will not only harm but also give off a foul smell from the carpet. It could result in a rise in allergies. Depending on the extent of being dirty, the carpet-cleaning professionals sometimes use foam cleaning methods, which is an amalgam of dry cleaning and shampooing.

Hence, there are distinct approaches to cleaning a carpet and professional carpet cleaning services are offering most of them at your doorstep. You can select the right method as per the material used in your carpet. If you have no idea about the material used, or which method suits the best for your carpet, then you can ask the professionals over a phone call. They will let you know in a more convenient manner. The cost of cleaning is also calculated on the type of service you have opted for.